The Intercept uncovers vast Cointelpro-style operation against Dakota protesters by shadowy private security contractors

By Alleen Brown, Will Parrish, Alice Speri THE INTERCEPT Included among the documents obtained via public records requests were “daily intelligence updates” developed by TigerSwan that were shared with law enforcement officers, thus contributing to a broad public-private intelligence dragnet. In the internal situation reports, TigerSwan operatives comment frequently about their routine coordination and intelligence sharing with law enforcement. The intel group wentContinue reading

US, China ban ivory trade to protect Africa’s elephants

ABOVE IMAGE: ADULT ELEPHANT HELPS JUVENILE UP THE HILL statement made available in New York on Wednesday by the U.S. Department of State, noted that U.S. and China are the two world’s largest markets for ivory.  The U.S. Government and its Chinese counterpart are collaborating to ban ivory trade to help preserve the elephant population particularly from Africa. “On Dec. 30,Continue reading

EDITORIALS: Lethal Legacy of Shame

   —EDITORIALS—    Why is nature itself, the sustainer of all life, accorded no civilizational respect or legal consideration? Ed Duvin, Editor-at-Large n social justice and other realms of discourse, the lexicon is often freely bandied about absent a firm foundation.  The word “rights” serves as a quintessential illustration, as it is subject to a myriad of interpretations.  Despite theContinue reading

John Sanbonmatsu: The Drone Invasion

   By John Sanbonmatsu Writer, Philosopher, and Magician Updated Feb 04, 2016 Talk about catering to our worst instincts.   The proposed drones are the latest in a swarm of socially destructive new artifacts, from robots and nanotechnology to genetically engineered organisms, being unleashed on the world with virtually no public accountability. A new technological elite is remaking the world inContinue reading