Green Party Moves Towards Declaring itself Eco-socialist

  FRONTLINE NEWS— Reports, News Flashes, and Commentary from Various Conflict Zones Around the Globe HUMANITY IN TORMENT   =By= By Jonathan Nack n a major development, the Green Party took a key step towards declaring itself Eco-socialist. The party’s National Committee voted Sunday night to approve a proposed amendment to the party’s platform entitled “Ecological Economics.” The proposed platformContinue reading


Prefatory note THIS IS A REPOST. First published on TGP on 4 April 2011. Why I Quit Hunting BY ROY DALLAS GRAGG [Original dateline: Animals’ Agenda, November 1986]* I WAS BORN in the mountains of North Carolina near Grandfather Mountain and Mt. Mitchell. Hunting, killing and butchering animals was a way of life for the mountain people. I killed myContinue reading

Syria: Another Pipeline War

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | During the 1950’s, President Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers rebuffed Soviet treaty proposals to leave the Middle East a cold war neutral zone and let Arabs rule Arabia. he fossil fuel industry’s business model is to externalize its costs by clawing in obscene subsidies and tax deductions—causing grave environmental costs, including toxic pollution and globalContinue reading

Not Just Exxon: The Entire Oil and Gas Industry Knew The Truth About Climate Change 35 Years Ago.

  By Dartagnan A CORRUPT COUNTRY WITH NO GONADS The question is: Why aren’t these people in jail or worse? —Eds.   It wasn’t just Exxon who brought us to this point. Unless “climate change” becomes a non-issue, meaning that the Kyoto proposal is defeated and there are no further initiatives to thwart the threat of climate change, there mayContinue reading

Going, going, gone

  Meditation on the banality of animal murder (ADAM FOSTER, CC/FLCKR) By Rowan Wolf CROSSPOSTED WITH ANIMAL PEOPLE FORUM ow does it feel to be the man (and yes we can be 99.99% sure it was a man) to kill the last of a species rhinoceros? Never again will the West African Black Rhino step upon the earth. How doesContinue reading