Syria: Another Pipeline War

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | During the 1950’s, President Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers rebuffed Soviet treaty proposals to leave the Middle East a cold war neutral zone and let Arabs rule Arabia. he fossil fuel industry’s business model isREAD ON

Going, going, gone

  Meditation on the banality of animal murder (ADAM FOSTER, CC/FLCKR) By Rowan Wolf CROSSPOSTED WITH ANIMAL PEOPLE FORUM ow does it feel to be the man (and yes we can be 99.99% sure it was a man) to killREAD ON

Film Review: This Changes Everything

By David Swanson thought the cause of climate destruction was political corruption, but I thought the cause of so little popular resistance was ignorance and denial. Naomi Klein’s new film This Changes Everything seems to assume that everyone is awareREAD ON