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The Pope and I

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4 of the Biggest Cheerleaders for Egypt’s Shockingly Repressive New Regime

Alex Kane /  AlterNet Why are these Western leaders backing Sisi’s brutal rule? n May 16, an Egyptian court sentenced Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president of Egypt, to death. The Islamist former president, who came out of the Muslim BrotherhoodREAD ON

In leaked recording, Egyptian minister calls for machine-gunning protesters

By Thomas Gaist   Washington’s client in Egypt, brutal strongman Abdelfatah Khalil al-Sisi, also a favorite of Israel. (Credit: Thiery Ehrmann, flickr) gyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim personally called for the use of automatic weapons against protestors, according to recordings obtained byREAD ON

Crossing Swords in Ferguson, Gaza, Egypt… and the Unifying Principle of Respect

By Gary Corseri “The heart of love that breaks apart the drone, propelled by a slingshot converted into a peace-making tool, points all of us in a direction, sorely needed, that aims to abolish war.” —Kathy Kelly “They shall beatREAD ON

Whitewashing Egypt’s new tyrant

Egypt’s Illegitimate President By Stephen Gowans, Founding editor, What’s Left Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former head of the military that overthrew Egypt’s legitimately elected president Mohammed Morsi in a 2013 coup d’état, is almost certain to win a landslide victoryREAD ON

Re-assessing Political Islam: Part II

Written by Eric Walberg Эрик Вальберг/ Уолберг إيريك ولبر    Tuesday, 15 October 2013 19:10 The Pinochet-style coup in Egypt in July 2013, 40 years after the Chilean coup, gives pause to reconsider Islamic political strategy.  It took Chile 25 yearREAD ON

Egypt: End of Hope

Battleground Cairo by ANDRE VLTCHEK Cairo Instead of passion and hope, all there is left on the streets of Cairo is depressing defeatism, frustration and hate.