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Dubious March for Truth

Pitiful to see so many stupid people mindlessly implementing the Orwellian script advanced by the CIA-controlled Democratic party and its satellite orgs. EDITOR’S NOTE: No material by this author or any other author published on this site should be read as aREAD ON

Three Gulf States and Egypt Sever Ties with Qatar

Fact: Washington, NATO, Israel and the Saudi-led Gulf States sponsor regional terrorism, using ISIS, al Nusra and other groups to serve their interests. The dispute with Qatar escalated after an alleged hack of the nation’s state-run news agency. The Qatari regimeREAD ON

Paris is Burning: Trump withdraws the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement

Despite Trump’s campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he waffled on the decision for several months. Upon assuming the presidency, powerful interests began urging him to remain part of the accords. At first glance, this may seem toREAD ON

Freedom and Dignity

For anyone that says the Palestinian Prisoner hunger strike was not a complete success, they should try not eating for 40 days and 40 nights.  After 20 days the fat is gone.  After 30 days the body is surviving onREAD ON

Manchester Bombings – Are We Seeing A Pattern Here?

The Manchester bombing has all the features of a state-sponsored false flag operation. The corporate media, of course, will trumpet the notion that this was another instance of ISIS terrorism.

Is Trump threatening an attack on North Korea? (Part 2)

imperialist saber-rattling—once again— is pushing the Korean peninsula—and the world— to the brink of nuclear war. Here’s the latest relevant news, as seen by our Beijing correspondent, all presenting aspects of what our analysts hope is a delicate Kabuki designed to snatchREAD ON

Russian Spies Behind Every Christmas Tree

COVER IMAGE: Russian hackers more numerous than previously thought. Image credit to } Crossposted with  One has to wonder if it has anything to do with the Guardian’s shady dealings with George Soros’ secretive Open Society Foundation. Soros makes aREAD ON

Trump threatens China with war on North Korea

Peter Symonds, Senior Analyst WSWS.ORG  Dateline: 4 April 2017 Trump outlined the ultimatum that he intends to deliver to Xi: “China has great influence over North Korea. And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t.READ ON