Climate change and the struggle against capitalism

A special word needs to be said here about “Green” parties, which trace their origins to the environmental movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s, but have, once in power, revealed themselves as shameless servants of big business. TheirREAD ON

Paris is Burning: Trump withdraws the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement

Despite Trump’s campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he waffled on the decision for several months. Upon assuming the presidency, powerful interests began urging him to remain part of the accords. At first glance, this may seem toREAD ON

The Intercept uncovers vast Cointelpro-style operation against Dakota protesters by shadowy private security contractors

By Alleen Brown, Will Parrish, Alice Speri THE INTERCEPT Included among the documents obtained via public records requests were “daily intelligence updates” developed by TigerSwan that were shared with law enforcement officers, thus contributing to a broad public-private intelligence dragnet. In theREAD ON

Environmental Groups as Climate Deniers

Despite the obvious benefits of a change in diet, we have many organizations promoting “sustainable” ranching, predator friendly ranching,” local” dairy farms/ranches or promoting ranching to discourage subdivisions (the condos vs cows debate) while ignoring the much larger problem associatedREAD ON

Hope is Our Enemy: Fighting Boiling Frog Syndrome  

by GREGORY BARRETT   And reading Ms Johnstone’s column, which was full of a we-can-do-this encouraging spirit, made me realize how badly I want some of that stuff too. I smiled and felt validated in some ways; validated for tellingREAD ON

War and Propaganda

by RON FORTHOFER he U.S. has been at war throughout much of its history. Some wars were blatantly wars of conquest, e.g., the Indian Wars (the near genocide of Native Americans) and the Mexican-American War. Whatever the real reasons for ourREAD ON

Global Warming Is Real Say the Academies of Sciences of All of the Major Countries, But a Handful of my Readers Know Better

Paul Craig Roberts Dateline: March 27, 2017  Usually those who want to straighten me out on a subject are polite and respectful. However, among those corrections brought in by my reporting on the dangers implied by the warming of the polesREAD ON