Dying of Consumption While Guzzling Snake Oil: a Realist’s Perspective on the Environmental Crisis

KRISTINE MATTIS—Americans and other first-world citizens have the notion that their happiness, their desire for comfort, their want of cool gadgetry, their egos, their power, and their careers are more important than life itself. As a result, even the most environmentally-minded middle class people are too tied to their creature comforts (a.k.a., consumer excesses) that they still rank among the biggest consumers and polluters. Americans often deride others for living beyond theirmeans(meaning their financial abilities), but no one ever worries about living beyond our needs,which is perhaps the fundamental cause of our suicidal path as a species.


Does Humanity Deserve to Be Extinct?

GILBERT MERCIER—ime is up! All humans, men and women, are guilty as charged! Guilty of abusing other species and the natural world we depend on; guilty, either by greed or ignorance, of abusing other species that sustain our own and driving them to expedient extinction. Wild life, big and small, is briskly moving towards a vanishing point. From the seas to the land and the skies, the global species disappearing act has reached a catastrophic and probably unstoppable momentum. Mammals are dying, fish are dying, birds and insects are dying. Imagine a world as quiet as Nevada’s Death Valley in the summer. A world without trees, insects, and birds, where the heat can reach an unbearable 45 degree Celsius. Imagine a silent world of death.


Climate Genocide: Why the Poor People’s Campaign Should Demand Trump’s Impeachment

PATRICK WALKER—With Noam Chomsky, I feel that whatever comparatively insignificant interference Russia may or may not have plotted against our election, it pales in comparison with the nuclear war risk and wasteful spending of a New Cold War. Especially when unprecedented government and private spending—and equally unprecedented international good will—are essential to addressing humanity’s climate emergency.