European Glacier Finally Melting

Dispatches from Deena Stryker Story to Watch:  European Glacier Finally Melting Unintentionally, that remark may have been the straw that broke the back of the seventy year old European camel diligently carrying America’s load. In a little-noted coincidence on Memorial Day weekend, the much longed for death of America’s Russia-Hater in chief, Zbigniew Brzezinski was immediately followed by two equallyContinue reading

All Power to the Banks! The Winners-Take-All Regime of Emmanuel Macron

If Marine Le Pen had won, bands of protesting “antifascists” would have invaded the streets, smashing windows and attacking police. The outgoing Socialist government was preparing to use the resulting chaos as a pretext to stay in power long enough to manage the parliamentary elections[2], ensuring that President Marine Le Pen would be held in check.  A “color revolution” wasContinue reading

Former French intelligence chief: NATO is making up Russian threat to justify its own existence

A DISPATCH FROM SOTT.NET   The claims of Moscow’s aggressive behavior coming from the US-led military bloc’s officials are “exaggerated,” the former head of Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, or DST as its French abbreviation goes, which was dissolved in 2008, added. “I believe that NATO intentionally fuels the perception of Russia as a threat… Like any organization, the North Atlantic AllianceContinue reading

How the US Made Russia the World Leader in Air Defense

   Marko Marjanović acing an adversary with a vast air fleet and an inclination to level cities, the Soviets had no choice but pour enormous energies into countermeasures With most weapons on the market buying Russian means you’re getting something nearly as sophisticated as the western counterpart but at a good discount. That’s not true for air defense systems though. IfContinue reading