Diagnosing the West with Sadistic Personality Disorder (SPD)

ANDRE VLTCHEK—Lashes are hitting exposed flesh. Entire nations are being destroyed, genocides distributed to all continents. East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq: it never stops. I follow the discourses of the US and especially British UN delegations, ‘discussing’ Syria and even Russia. What comes to my mind is Punjab in India. I recall those old, historic photos of Indian men being hanged by the Brits, pants down, and flogged in public.


Presstitutes push social media to stamp out free speech and all political dissent

ADDISON de PITT—The Democrats, a party well known for its repugnant hypocrisy and irrepressible cowardice and opportunism, has led the charge since Trump came to power, creating, in tacit alliance with the CIA and other sinister players, a veritable witch-hunt against dissenting bloggers, and laying, through their equally hypocritical and baseless Russiagate, the groundwork for a criminalisation of political dissidence behind the pretext of neutralising bloggers who supposedly “create national divisions,” serve Russia’s ends, or disseminate “fake news,” a term much in vogue today with truly Orwellian reverberations.


If Israel Were Not an Ally, US Would Be Working to Overthrow its Government (with bonus Video)

WHITNEY WEBB—Interestingly, no calls for inquiry were made by EU governments over the recent poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter in the U.K. Instead of waiting for an investigation, several countries expelled Russian diplomats in retaliation for the act, despite doubts surrounding Russia’s culpability. Those European politicians who did call for an inquiry were ridiculed in the press as “puppets” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, when over a thousand unarmed Palestinians are shot, the EU needs an investigation to prove that Israel was responsible, despite IDF admissions that it knew where “every bullet landed.”


Google sets up “news initiative” to censor political opposition and promote mainstream media

ANDRE DAMON—In reality, Google’s action is the latest step in a protracted campaign on the part of the major technology companies, working with the Democratic Party and the US intelligence agencies, to censor the Internet.

The campaign for Internet censorship has been spearheaded by the major media outlets, including the Times and the Post, who have seen their subscription base eroded by the growth of oppositional news outlets and “citizen journalism.” By working with the technology giants and intelligence agencies to censor smaller news outlets, the media giants hope to regain the monopoly over the distribution of news they held before the rise of the Internet.


The Global Elite is Insane (Revisited)

R J BURROWES—Testament to their secretly and long-accumulated wealth and power, a 2012 investigation concluded that rich individuals and their families have as much as $32 trillion of hidden financial assets – which excludes non-financial assets such as real estate, gold, yachts and racehorses – in offshore tax havens. See the Tax Justice Network.


The Empty Piety of the American Press

CHRIS HEDGES—Brennan was the architect of the disastrous attempt to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to arm “moderate” rebels in Syria, oversaw the huge expansion of our drone wars and instigated the canard that Russia stole the last U.S. presidential election. The most astute critics of empire, including Andrew Bacevich, are banished, as are critics of corporate power, including Ralph Nader and Chomsky.