Welcome to 2018: Be An Active Witness

ROWAN WOLF—I am not asking that each of you (and everyone else you can recruit) call out everything that is being twisted or denied, but the phenomenon is so broad, in so many areas of our social, political, and biological lives that you can “specialize”. You can be an expert witness. With enough of us involved and supporting each other we may be able to shift the wheel in a direction away from destruction.

police state

The Illusion of Rights

=By= John Chuckman In truth, there is no such thing as a right. The last three centuries or so of European history developed the concept and fixed it in our minds as something real and many modern states have enumerated lists of rights, but, in


Abusing Chickens We Eat

The Opinion Pages  | OP-ED COLUMNIST | The New York Times Chickens at Craig Watts’s farm in Fairmont, N.C. CreditCompassion in World Farming/Raegan Hodge  Nicholas Kristof If you buy a Perdue chicken in the grocery store, you might think it had lived a comfortable avian middle-class existence.