(VIDEO) The Catastrophe of #MH17: #BBC in the Search of the “#BUK” – The Video Report Deleted by @BBC

GLEB BAZOV—The tragedy of the MH17 (Malaysian Airlines) liner destroyed over Novorossiya in July 2014 gave the western propaganda machine, already in full Russophobic footing under Barack Obama, a huge opportunity to vilify Russia (and the rebel republics in Eastern Ukraine) as cold-blooded murderers. The ensuing “expert” investigation spearheaded by the US/NATO powers was vitiated from the start by arbitrary management of the evidence, exclusion of critical legitimate parties (Russia and Malaysia itself), and a near-total lack of transparency.


Trump, North Korea, Iran. Some Facts and “the instinct to attack.”

FELICITY ARBUTHNOT—The writer asks: “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” He answers himself: “Possibly 10,000.” It is surely a reflection of desperation for peace and disgust at where humanity is being led, that the meticulously researched piece was shared over seventy seven thousand times on the one quoted site alone. No wonder the US government is so keen to crush and corral the Internet.


Rebellion in Munich

GAITHER STEWART—Historians like to pose terrifying “what if questions”. Since, as it seems, Eisner’s ‘purity of purpose’, instead of engendering good, willy-nilly paved the way for evil, the question here is again spontaneity and chance: What if Eisner had not left Berlin for Munich? Would