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Greece’s Colossal Cave In

ROBERT HUNZIKER—In order to receive Troika’s financial bailout, Greece has undergone a massive transfer of public assets, all the best stuff, to privatization interests, part of the hardcore hypothesis behind neoliberalism, e.g., (1) 14 major regional airports sold to Germany’s Fraport, (2) the Port of Piraeus, one of the largest ports in Europe sold to China’s Cosco, (3) the Port of Thessaloniki, which is Greece’s second largest city, sold to a German consortium, and (4) privatization funds created, under Germany’s direction, for water utility transfers to private hands, prompting the president of the Greece water company trade union to forewarn that the for-profit model often times raises prices for consumers and sometimes service degrades.


Dem Support For Trump Surveillance Powers Proves “Resistance” Is Bullshit

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—The two parties are both lying to you and the entire show is fake. US politics is a WWE performance with the audience deeply invested in the outcome of the match, each side of the stadium screaming for their favorite wrestler when the only determining factor is what will make Vince McMahon the most money. It’s all a fake spectacle, and it’s designed to screw you over.


Notes From a “Shithole” Superpower

PAUL STREET—It isn’t just that Norway and other Scandinavian nations have high levels of per-capita wealth and income.  It is also that wealth and income are distributed in relatively egalitarian fashion in these nations, which enjoy advanced social-democratic welfare states that feature universal high-quality health care and that otherwise protect their people from poverty and insecurity.

Hillary Clinton Foundation cash

Harvey Weinstein, the Democratic Party and the Power of the “Creative Class” – Thomas Frank on RAI (9/9)

RNN—Take a step back, earlier in ‘Listen, Liberal’ I wrote about the Clinton Foundation and what the Clinton Foundation does. I’m not talking here about the various accusations that people made of them, acting as a slush fund or that sort of thing. What I’m talking about is the way that they act as a — how would you put this– a moral exchange, for people who are quite bad. A lot of foundations do this, so my argument is that this is what liberalism is—