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Obituary Politics: Todd Gitlin Puts Down Ed Herman

FRED GARDNER—The coffee-table book version of The Vietnam War,” based on the film version of the series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick,”  includes five essays. The one by Todd Gitlin is called “Vietnam and the Movement.” The Sage of the Sixties repeats his thesis that “the Weatherman faction of Students for a Democratic Society destroyed the largest left-wing organization in the country.” This line may be superficially true but it’s profoundly misleading.


The Guardian’s Nazification

PHILIP BUTLER—Breaking it all down. The European Union’s outgoing ambassador to Russia is pounding the message “Putin must go” at The Guardian, The Observer, at The Baltic Times, and elsewhere (See Emma Graham-Harrison’s piece citing Ušackas – “West’s rift with Russia ‘will last until Vladimir Putin goes’). One of his favorite projects was largely funded by a Nazi sympathizer/collaborator who later became a multi-million dollar consultant to western corporations including; Exxon, El Paso Natural Gas, Columbia Gas, Rockwell International, Philip Morris, Coca-Cola, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and many others.


Rebellion in Munich

GAITHER STEWART—Historians like to pose terrifying “what if questions”. Since, as it seems, Eisner’s ‘purity of purpose’, instead of engendering good, willy-nilly paved the way for evil, the question here is again spontaneity and chance: What if Eisner had not left Berlin for Munich? Would