CBS This Morning: the daily brainwash

  DEFINITELY NOT JOURNALISM 101 Here’s CBS again doing its usual job of disinforming and under-reporting by using severely compromised, scandalously biased or ignorant sources, while never offering their huge megaphone to anyone with a scintilla of “dissident truth” or actual knowledge about the topics they supposedly cover.  So the nation and the world are inching toward a possible deadlyContinue reading

Hey You, White House: Ha, Ha, Charade You Are

The Donald Trump Fan Club is made up of an improbable assortment of strange bedfellows indeed.  His fraud and charade have inspired and invigorated a vast majority of alt-right, skinhead, Nazis for all obvious reasons.  Oddly, on the far-left, a large contingent of my brethren: Internationalists/Socialists/Communists are convinced that the fledgling president, in spite of his overtly racist/fascist agenda, is fighting the good fightContinue reading

Does the Washington Establishment Seek War with Russia?

Dispatches from Eric Zuesse What we’ve been having recently is solely Presidents who want to replace all of Russia’s allies — and they’ve been succeeding at that, so far: They replaced Saddam Hussein.   They replaced Muammar Gaddafi.   They replaced Viktor Yanukovych.   They’re still trying to replace Bashar al-Assad, and also Iran’s leadership.  . There still is question,Continue reading

President Trump: Nationalist Capitalism, An Alternative to Globalization

By Prof. James Petras Global Research, January 28, 2017 We will begin by seriously discussing President Trump’s critique of the contemporary political economy and proceed to elaborate on his alternatives and its weaknesses. President Trump’s Critique of the Ruling Class he centerpiece of Trump’s critique of the current ruling elite is the negative impact of its form of globalization onContinue reading