Dancing With the Devil

Radical leftists are often accused of being utopian in their thinking, but at this point it has become quite evident that it is liberals who are living in complete fantasy while leftists are the consummate realists. When anarchists, communists, and other anti-capitalists say that itREAD ON

Remembering the Liberty

Originally posted on Your Daily Shakespeare Source: Your Daily Shakespeare. In the meantime, Israel claimed that the Liberty, when spotted, appeared to escape at high speed toward Egypt, flew no flag and looked like an Egyptian cargo ship, the “El Queseir”, which was actually halfREAD ON

“Centrists” Are Violent Extremists

Whether you move to the left or to the right of mainstream, you’re moving further away from the braying, psychotic mind viruses pouring from the talking heads on TV, and their gibberish about Russia, Syria, and the way America works will look more and moreREAD ON