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German government places Socialist Equality Party on subversive watch-list

The SGP has for years been the subject of media denunciations for opposing the revision of German history and rehabilitation of the Nazis. When the SGP and the IYSSE criticized right-wing extremist historian Jörg Baberowski, the media unleashed a storm of indignation. Baberowski defended the Nazi apologist Ernst Nolte and publicly declared that Hitler was “not vicious.” The IYSSE linked this directly to the return of German militarism. Germany could not return to a policy of militarism, it explained, without developing “a new narrative of the twentieth century,” “a falsification of history that diminishes and justifies the crimes of German imperialism.”


Trump Treats EU Like Bozos by Finian Cunningham + NATO Needs To End by Pat Elder

PAT ELDER—Now, all of this is important in helping to understand the newest American monster. It was Lenin who said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” I would say a multitude of lies mixed with statements of truth and sincerity create a cocktail of confusion. People don’t know what to believe. It is too much for them to consume so they turn it off and it is in that vacuum where Trump operates best.


The Crimean Tatar Card Is Being Played Again

STEFAN KARGANOVIC—Unsurprisingly, Ms. Kadi’s eloquent appeal to the German chancellor was suppressed by the Western media and went unanswered by the addressee. Yet, in contrast to this genuine cultural leader of the Crimean Tatar community the leadership of the extremist “Crimean Tatar Medzlis” (quasi-religious organization in exile) has an excellent relationship with and unhindered access to the German political establishment. Extremist leaders Mustafa Dzemilev and Renat Chubarov have been in close contact for years with officials of the German Foreign Ministry and other government figures.