The United States of America – the Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars

PETER KOENIG—For dominating Russia, Europe had to be ‘colonized’ – made into a “European Union” (EU) that was never meant to be a real union, as in the United States of America. The idea of a European Union was first planted shortly after WWII by the CIA, then taken over by the Club of Rome – and promoted through numerous conventions all the way to the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. The next logical step was to give the EU a Constitution, to make the EU into a consolidated Federation of European States, with common economic, defense and foreign relations strategies. But this was never to be.


Brave and Crazy: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva discusses her courageous exposés on Western imperial crimes.

JEFF J. BROWN—Today, we discuss her groundbreaking work about how the United States and its allies are using diplomatic pouch immunity to send tens of tons of weapons to their proxy terrorist armies in Syria. We then talk about her amazing, bulletproof exposé into the West’s massive, multibillion dollar/euro chemical- and bio-weapons industry, which spans the globe in country after country. These blatant, sordid Western crimes against humanity, which have not stopped since Eurangloland’s use of chemical weapons during World War I, will be shown on Al Mayadeen TV, in Dilyana’s hard hitting documentary.


Invade The Hague! Bolton vs. the ICC

CHARLES PIERSON—If all else fails, the US can always use force to keep Americans out of the ICC’s grip. In his address to the Federalist Society, Bolton alluded to the American Service-Members’ Protection Act of 2002 (ASPA). Bolton even used the Act’s jocular nickname, the “Hague Invasion Act.” ASPA got that nickname because it empowers the president to use “all means necessary and appropriate,” including military force, to liberate Americans held by the ICC. Bolton would welcome the opportunity.

John Bolton

Two Long-Standing American Traditions: Committing War Crimes & Ignoring International Law

RS AHTHION—Now people may think the American people would be against this. That they would be for the prosecution of American soldiers. That surely if American soldiers were guilty of crimes against humanity they would be for the prosecution of those. However it’s worth remembering Hugh Thompson bravely stood between a murderous platoon of US troops who brutally murdered 500 vietnamese civilians (mostly women and children). When Hugh Thompson returned home he was vilified by the American public. [As usual these vile chauvinist cowards took it out on the most helpless of creatures. See our addendum for full detailes about this genuine American hero. )

“I’d received death threats over the phone…Dead animals on your porch, mutilated animals on your porch some mornings when you get up.”
– Hugh Thompson