Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West is Ready to Attack

ANDRE VLTCHECK—In 2015, which is considered the ‘height of the refugee crises’, much less than 1.5 million people entered the European Union, seeking asylum there. Some of those 1.5 million were actually ‘refugees’ from Ukraine, Kosovo and Albania. I covered the refugee crises from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, but also the so-called ‘crises’ in Greece (Kos) and France (Calais). The West, which by then had already destabilized half of the world and almost the entire Middle East, was demonstrating extreme selfishness, brutal indifference, racism and a stubborn refusal to repent and to comprehend.


Democrats ‘Outraged’ by Charlottesville Convince Trump to Arm Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

MAX PARRY—In western media, the term “oligarchs” is being ubiquitously used to describe the political class dominant in Eastern Europe, which is the absolute height of hypocrisy since this class accumulated its wealth from the rapid privatization of state assets facilitated by the west. Widespread bankruptcy, closure of factories and rise in unemployment occurred in the Ukraine after the neoliberal robbery of its state property just like in Russia, as Naomi Klein illustrated in her unequaled work The Shock Doctrine. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the priority for the west has been to pull Ukraine into the EU sphere of influence and away from Russia while expanding NATO to its borders.


It is Us

JOHN STEPPLING—Meanwhile the US lurches toward military conflict with nuclear powers. Conflicts that would wipe out humanity. At the least the US is manufacturing a new Cold War. Perhaps that provides a certain comfort. People are given an external enemy to hate, an enemy on which to focus their frustration, resentment, and aggression. The system encourages managed protest about issues that are themselves of little consequence. Gun control for one. Nobody talks about the MILLIONS of dead at the hands of the US military over the last twenty years. Nobody protests 900 military bases globally. What are those bases there for? Oh, to protect us….from *enemies*.