US Humiliation of South Korea

DAVID W. PEAR—Peace is not anything that Washington’s plutocratic interests want to hear, although the South Korean people like it and elected Moon president by a wide margin.  The US wants to keep tensions high, keep the American people frightened of a North Korean boogeyman, keep large numbers of US troops in South Korea, install multi-billion dollar THAADS, and keep Korea divided.  Even if they start a nuclear war.


Freedom for Julian Assange!

BILL VAN AUKEN—The US ruling establishment not only hounded Assange, but sentenced Private Chelsea Manning to 35 years in prison for “aiding the enemy” by providing WikiLeaks with the documents. Manning’s sentence was subsequently commuted by Obama and she has been released, but not before being subjected to abuse tantamount to torture in military prison.


Thus Spake Oprah As The New York Times Spots UFOs Over The Comb Over Empire

PHIL ROCKSTROH—Oprah Winfrey is and has been since her entrance into the US mass media hologram one of the capitalist elite’s most effective propagandists. By intention, her New Age snake oil-peddling patter never connects capitalist exploitation as the dominant source of individual suffering. Of course not. Oprah is a US American huckster in the model of Norman Vincent Peale.