‘The World is (Not) Flat’: ‘Trumpism’ is Symptom of Decades-Long Imperial Arrogance

“No American president since 1945, whether Republican or Democrat, has broken so decisively with the American stewardship of the postwar liberal global order,” wrote Constanze Stelzenmüller recently, with reference to Trump’s policies towards Europe and the rest of the world.

Trump Goes Full Bush the Lesser in Poland

I would think that candidate Trump would have applauded this speech by Putin. But, if that is so then his speech in Poland is a complete turn-around. Going into today’s meeting with Putin without acknowledging any of Russia’s real-world accomplishmentsREAD ON

Unmasking the Empire: The Syrian Criminal Mess Explained by Stephen Lendman.

What will it take to bring America to live according to its own self image? Washington wants endless war and regime change in Syria. It wants pro-Western puppet governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence. Along with NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar andREAD ON

For the US and Its Allies, the Road to Tehran Runs Through Damascus and Southern Lebanon

It is also no accident that the uptick in US military aggression in Syria – a country which, again, it is worth pointing out it has zero right to be in – has ensued in the wake of President Trump’s visitREAD ON

US Military Intelligence: Russia Seeks a Dystopian World Where No One State Dominates Entire Globe

Select comment(s) CHUCKMAN • The long quote near the beginning says it all. Those goals would be the goals of every decent leader in every country. Only in the United States would they seem threats. Why is that? Because weREAD ON