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From Truman to Trump (Extra War, Hold the Peace)

We might also posit that America’s compulsive need to have an enemy has incurred humanity’s greatest opportunity costs: In everything from security itself, to individual and collective freedom, economic prosperity, international relations, financial stability, political effectiveness, human rights, social harmony and equality, technical and scientific cooperation, legislative progress, and many other areas or concerns that have been and remain vitalContinue reading

Immigration: Gateway for Cheap Labor and Deliberate Disunity

By Gary Brumback The land yet named “America,” after first being set afoot by voluntary immigrants thousands of years earlier was subsequently touched for the first time by another wave of voluntary  immigrants, but along with them came the forced “immigrants,” African slaves. Known if not suppressed by most Americans today is the misery these involuntary immigrants suffered under theContinue reading

Lo’ihi Rising:  Hawaii’s History & Future

Share This: by John Rohn Hall  .. For seventy, eighty, a hundred million years, Pele has been relentless in her project.  Her route being mapped from the beginning, by a two thousand mile long fault line beneath the ocean floor.  Running northwest to southeast, the Hawai’ian hot-spot has a history about which we can only venture educated guesses.  Although still unseen by human eyes, twelve hundred years ago, theseContinue reading

The Destruction of Dresden

VIDEOS PRODUCED AND HOSTED BY JIMMIE MOGLIA Published on Mar 4, 2017 (Part 1) During the night of Feb 14, 1945, two months away from the end of WW2, allied forces destroyed by fire-bombing the beautiful Saxon city of Dresden, killing 135,000 people (almost twice as many as at Hiroshima). Part 1 explores the background, the logistics and describes theContinue reading