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Thank the Lazy Clown President This Time

BRUCE DIXON—Cable news coverage never mentions that there are 15 US military bases on Korean soil, housing anywhere from 30 to 40,000 US troops, probably nuclear armed. The largest, Camp Humphreys is in the middle of scandal-ridden expansion plans to hold 40,000 US personnel in that one spot alone, all paid for by South Korean taxpayers, not American ones. South Korean civil society has long resented its American overlords and their military presence.


Robert Fisk: Struck by Eurocentric fever, or a simple case of reportorial Mr Hyde?

P GREANVILLE—Still, Fisk is Fisk, and he knows his priorities, one of the first apparently being to report and underscore the truth with a view to putting out the numerous fuses lit by the compulsive arsonists in the region, the chief creep in this regard, by a wide margin, Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who clearly has no real respect for life, or else would not be such a pathological warmonger.


Violence, Revolution, and Structural Change in Latin America (Revised and expanded)

JOHN GERASSI—The basic difference between American imperialism today and American imperialism a century ago is that it is more violent, more far-reaching, and more carefully planned today. But American foreign policy, at least since 1823, has always been assertive, always expansionist, always imperialist. Of course, it has rarely been pushed beyond America’s capabilities. Thus, when the United States was weak, its interventions abroad were mild. When its strength grew, so did its daring.

Palstinian politics

Examining ‘Ten Myths about Israel’, by Ilan Pappe

ALLAN C BROWNFELD—A just solution to the dilemma of Palestine will, Pappe concludes, only be achieved if we stop treating the mythologies he sets forth as truths: “Palestine was not empty and the Jewish people had homelands; Palestine was colonized, not ‘redeemed’; and its people were dispossessed in 1948, rather than leaving voluntarily. Colonized people, even under the U.N. Charter, have the right to struggle for their liberation…and the successful ending to such a struggle lies in the creation of a democratic state that includes all of its inhabitants.”