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Revisiting history: Kautsky on Christianity

Kautsky’s treacherous collaboration with chauvinist capitalist forces should not obscure his claim to scholarship and expertise in certain subjects, such as the rise and entrenchment of Christianity—a variant of Judaism— in Western culture, and the history of Jews themselves, a field of study in which he eventually produced his seminal tome Foundations of Christianity: A Study of Christian Origins (First published in 1908, revised in 1925 edition). Materials of this sort are essential to acquire a modicum of political literacy.


Brief History of Revisionism

JIMMIE MOGLIA—To suggest that Russia influenced the American electorate to vote for Trump, brings sublimity to the ridiculous. Yet even the “The New York Times,” which usually exhibits a shrewd eye to the limits within which dishonesty is the best policy, has succumbed to the temptation of promoting a legless fabrication. While the insupportably disagreeable lackeys of the information industry continue to lie without being belied, deceive without being unmasked, and wear the medals of their own crimes.