Apr 112014
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by Robert Hunziker, UK Progressive
See also Poll: 42% Say Capitalism Not Working For US  in the Appendix section)

The world’s epicenter of capitalism is the United States, and its reach/power/influence circumnavigates the globe. The elites of the capitalist class are no longer tied to territoriality or driven by national competition. “U.S. capitalism has expanded its reach by morphing into a Transnational Capitalist Class.” according to William Robinson (Univ. of Calif.) Global Capitalism and 21st Century FascismAljazeera, May 2011. Continue reading »

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Apr 112014
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Glossary of Major Distortions { Part One} 

(NOTE: This essay is a revised version of the original first published in the fall of 1982 in the premiere edition of Cyrano’s Journal, America’s First Radical Media Review. )

By Patrice Greanville

Capitalism is preferentially identified by its euphemisms: “Free Enterprise,” “market system,” “private enterprise.” “the American Way,” etc. Overt and pervasive partisanship in support of capitalism is not regarded by the American media as an ideological bias negating professional “objectivity” but rather comparable to the serene acceptance of natural laws. Continue reading »

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Apr 092014
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Guest Editor: Roland Vincent

• NOTE: This post should be read in conjunction with a prior by the same author:
How many conservatives are animal rights supporters?

Gary Francione is on a fool’s mission. People are having children faster than we are creating vegans. Abolition of slaughter will not occur until we have the political climate to ban it.

Every social movement is about politics. Animal Rights is all about politics. Particularly it is about Left wing politics.  Capitalism will not allow Animal Rights. We need a Socialist society to succeed. Continue reading »

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Apr 072014
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Understanding Marx

By William T. Hathaway

Review of Crisis and Change Today
By Peter Knapp and Alan J. Spector

crisis-changeKnapp and Spector have written a superb introduction to Marxist thought, a much-needed one, since reading Marx can be a daunting task. The grand old man’s prose is often ponderous, abstract, and complex, so many readers can’t discern his full meaning. Continue reading »

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Mar 272014
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Why We Are REALLY Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex In the Age of Neo-liberal Monopoly Capitalism

By Danny Haiphong. The Centre for Global Research.

foundations-free-tradeINCITE!, a radical organization by and for women of color, wrote a book entitled “The Revolution Will Not be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.” This important text contains essays from radical scholars, activists, and organizers who assess the non-profit’s place inUS monopoly capitalism.  The book concludes that non-profits co-opt and corrupt grassroots social movements that seek to replace monopoly capitalism with a new and just social system. The following essay adds to this important work by covering the ways in which non-profits have changed in US capitalism’s neo-liberal stage of development. Continue reading »

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