If There’s a War in Korea, Blame Trump

MIKE WHITNEY—The United States has never lifted its sanctions on North Korea, never treated their leaders with anything except contempt and brutality, and never made any sincere attempt to end the hostilities. Washington will not even sit down with a delegation from the DPRK to air their differences or discuss a path forward. Why? Is it because the DPRK is a Communist state? Is that it? Heck, no. The US has open trade relations with China and Vietnam both of who share a similar Marxist ideology.


Jewish identity politics: Why are liberal Jews like Jerry Seinfeld progressive until it comes to the IDF?

PHILIP GIRALDI—Unfortunately, Jerry the Jewish liberal is not that unusual. American Jews, who are the key to the continuing blank check American support of Israel, balk at recognizing the evil that the self-defined Jewish state represents even though both opinion polls and voting patterns suggest strongly that they are predominantly reliably liberal regarding both social and political issues. Israel does, in fact, reject the values of most diaspora Jews while also contradicting the moral and ethical tradition of Judaism itself, which it claims to uphold. It is the antithesis of what many American Jews believe to be the right way to behave.