Had Hillary Won: What Now?

ANDREW LEVINE—Needless to say, in the alternative universe that Democrats and their media flacks have concocted, they explain the election outcome differently.  In their view, Hillary lost because “the Russians” subverted our democratic institutions. Or was it because James Comey, then the Director of the FBI, tipped that election to Trump by refocusing attention on Clinton’s emails as Election Day approached? One would think that it would faze Democratic confabulators that, shortly after the election was over, Comey rose to the top of Donald Trump’s shit list – and was unceremoniously fired.  They really should get their story straight.


American Violence: Disorganized and Organized

FRANK SCOTT—The nature of a society which has suicides increasing along with mass murders often committed by the suicidal must be distracted by consciousness control which highlights alleged deformities in individual character while protecting a diseased social organism now devouring its own along with outside victims.


How The Establishment Propaganda Machine Gaslights Us Into Submission

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—History has testified unequivocally that extreme skepticism is the only rational response to have toward establishment narratives, especially when those narratives are beating the drums of war. The US war machine has an extensive history of using lies, false flags and propaganda to manufacture support for its bloodthirsty agendas, and the adage that truth is the first casualty of war holds up flawlessly in cases of both hot war and cold war.