Some Thoughts On The Latest Chelsea Manning Drama

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—The human brain is the most complex matter in the known universe, and yet people are screaming at Chelsea Manning for not adhering to one side of the strict one-dimensional left vs. right line that’s been drawn for us. I don’t know why Manning’s been doing what she’s doing, but I can guarantee you it’s got something to do with the fact that our minds are far more complex and agile than the establishment-promoted political paradigm insists that we are.


Is the buildup to World War I being repeated for WW III?

ERIC ZUESSE—In WWI, there was a long list of neutral countries (including Switzerland, and all of Scandinavia, plus the Western Hemisphere south of the US); and, in a prospective WWIII, there would also be many such countries on the sidelines. (All of them, however, would become subject to the intense nuclear radiation after the War, and would therefore likewise become unlivable — neutrality wouldn’t save any country from destruction.)


Jill Stein in the Crosshairs: the Russia Investigation Shifts to Clinton’s Political Rivals

MIKE WHITNEY—Do you hear that, liberals? Do you hear what Warner is saying? Do you like the idea that the investigation is expanding and that the hectoring, harassing and intimidating is going to continue for the foreseeable future and that it’s going to include anyone who admires men like Assange or Snowden or Manning or anyone who opposes the corrupt and murderous oligarchy that rules this stinking country?