When the empire’s comics are not so funny.

P. GREANVILLE—Emerging from this cultural miasma is not easy. Since being dumb is a form of progressive debilitation, a sort of “negative feedback loop” as really brainy guys like to put it, each round of lies, each assault on reality, is less likely to be resisted or even remotely detected by the beaten down, pacified populace. A huge part of this is simply the organic result of living under unrestricted capitalism, with few USAers ready to disinherit themselves from their birthright, the American Dream. For in one of the greatest triumphs of mass programming, in the US capitalism has been sold to the people as indistinguishable from their own identity, their nationality.


Democrats Who Smear WikiLeaks Are Assisting Trump’s War On The Press

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Meanwhile whenever someone who actually opposes Trump voices support for Assange or WikiLeaks on any online forum, it isn’t long before comments start flooding in about how Assange is a Russian agent, a rapist, a white supremacist, a pedophile, a fascist, and any other nonsense they can dream up to throw at him. Whenever one of them shows up in my notifications helping Trump manufacture consent for the fascistic agenda of imprisoning a journalist, all I want to say is “Dude. You dropped your MAGA hat.”


The Burden Of Proof Is On The Russiagaters

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—There are many Russiagate skeptics who have been doing copious amounts of research to come up with other theories about what could have happened in 2016, and that’s fine. But in a way this can actually make the debate more confused, because instead of leaning back and insisting that the burden of proof be met, you are leaning in and trying to convince everyone of your alternative theory. Russiagaters love this more than anything, because you’ve shifted the burden of proof for them. Now you’re the one making the claims, so they can lean back and come up with reasons to be skeptical of your argument.