Chomsky’s pro-imperialist Afrin petition

NICK BEAMS—Opposition to war has been unable to find any independent expression because the eruption of hostility to the Iraq war was sabotaged, first by subordinating it to appeals to other imperialist powers and the United Nations, and then by a conscious operation to channel it back into support for the Democratic Party in the US and its political equivalents around the world.


New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof promotes #MeToo witch-hunt of Woody Allen

WILL MORROW—More fundamentally, what does it say about the #MeToo campaign that a figure such as Kristof so uncritically promotes it? There is in fact a logical connection linking Kristof’s pro-imperialism and his support for #MeToo. Having spent decades providing “human rights” justifications for neo-colonial wars, he is providing the same “humanitarian” arguments for an assault on the democratic rights of the population at home.


Syria a Major Flashpoint Risking Greater War

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Washington is forming a Syrian Democratic Forces offshoot called the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC), AMN explained – saying it’s a joint CIA/State Department operation, separate from the Pentagon.

Last December, Russia’s General Staff accused the Pentagon of training terrorists at its illegally established At Tanf area base in southern Syria – calling the area a staging ground for US armed struggle against the Syrian government, using ISIS and other terrorists.

Palstinian politics

Examining ‘Ten Myths about Israel’, by Ilan Pappe

ALLAN C BROWNFELD—A just solution to the dilemma of Palestine will, Pappe concludes, only be achieved if we stop treating the mythologies he sets forth as truths: “Palestine was not empty and the Jewish people had homelands; Palestine was colonized, not ‘redeemed’; and its people were dispossessed in 1948, rather than leaving voluntarily. Colonized people, even under the U.N. Charter, have the right to struggle for their liberation…and the successful ending to such a struggle lies in the creation of a democratic state that includes all of its inhabitants.”


Trump, Pence Rain on Koreas’ Olympic Unity Parade

CHRISTINE AHN—I mean, one child per day in North Korea will die because of the effect of these sanctions, and UNICEF just issued a report last month that said that 60,000 North Korean children could starve as a result of these sanctions. So it is not the alternative to war. It is a slow war that is being waged against the people in North Korea, and we have a responsibility as a global community to push back on it. It is unethical, it is immoral, and South Korea wants to begin the process of sending humanitarian aid. My understanding was, at the meeting in Vancouver when Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha from South Korea said that South Korea wanted to resume humanitarian aid and fulfill this commitment that Moon Jae-in made at the General Assembly last September to send $8 million in humanitarian aid to North Korea, that was basically opposed by the United States, by the UK, by Japan.


CBS Working to Kill any Possible Good Will Dividend for North Korea Stemming from Winter Olympics

PATRICE GREANVILLE—Despite this awesome panoply of tools to achieve just about any end, the Winter Olympics in Korea and the increasing talk of a warm-up in relations between Seoul and Pyongyang is giving the empire managers shivers, this being so unexpected, so the propaganda and political organs are working double time to maintain the accustomed imperialist order, a setup which benefits absolutely no one, including 99% of the US population.