NPR Attempts To Undermine WikiLeaks’ Credibility With Deliberate, Brazen Lie

These deep state propaganda networks have got to go. America’s entire oppressive system is held together by mass media psy-ops and establishment propaganda narratives; if we can sufficiently disrupt public trust in these heinous institutions there may yet be the possibility of democracy and freedom in America someday. Here is an article I wrote recently about some strategies I’ve comeContinue reading

Media Complicity is Key to Blacklisting Websites

ABOVE: Rachel Maddow: Behind her impeccable PC image and progressive views lies one more disinformer for a rotten system, a Democratic party shill, and, as the Fake News story indicates, not averse to pushing for the return of McCarthyism and the elimination of Free Speech. Maddow, despite her smarts, thinks Free Speech is alright only when she and her fellow liberalsContinue reading

MEDIA WARS: An honest post mortem of liberal betrayals might explain the “White working class backlash”

ABOVE IMAGE: Senators Greeley (R) and Baucus (D), who steered the political ship to the shoals of Obamacare. Medicare for All was the obvious solution, and still is, but that was taken off the table before the debate was even joined.  PATRICE GREANVILLE Those extremists of the center, the liberal class: by their media thou shalt know them alon, theContinue reading

Down with the Duopoly: The Republicans Have Split; Now It’s the Democrat’s Turn. Whore media repeats accusations of Sanders inciting “violence”

RADICAL READER’S DIGEST by BAR executive editor Glen Ford he split in the Democratic Party will become an unbridgeable chasm “when Sanders supporters are forced to recognize that the 40-plus percent of the Democratic base they represent cannot coexist with Hillary’s ‘truer and more fully explicit ruling class party,’ and needs its own electoral political formation.” The Republican side ofContinue reading

Pieta of Syria

Syria, ISIS, and the US-UK Propaganda War

by ERIC DRAITSER The Anglo-Zionists Deploy their Awesome Propaganda Weapons Once Again THEIR GLOBAL REACH AND BOTTOMLESS FINANCIAL RESOURCES GUARANTEE SMOOTH, MASSIVE DISINFORMATION ON ANY FRONT Indeed, if the ongoing war in Syria, and the conflicts of the post-Arab Spring period generally, have taught us anything, it is the power of propaganda and public relations to shape narratives which inContinue reading