Crimea recovering after decades in Ukraine’s oblivion – Polish official

Interview =By= Dmitry Babich interviews Janusz Korwin-Mikke “Mr. Korwin, what was your main impression about your trip to Crimea?” “Crimea is a great place, but it is visibly underinvested. It is visible, that the place has not been getting sufficient money injections for at least 15 years. So, my prescription for Crimea is just more investment and more free market.Continue reading

The Man Who Knows Too Much

Newsmakers, GQ Our gratitude to the editors of GQ and the author of this piece for an example of brave journalism at a time when a profound national and world crisis demand that the public hear the truth. He works at the white-hot center of the media universe as the most reliable source for NSA surveillance scoops. He talks to EdwardContinue reading