Trump Clarke Giuliani

Trump and the Fascization of America (1/2)

Henry A. Giroux Cultural Critic and Public Intellectual   aul Jay for The Real News Network and Henry A. Giroux discuss the first night of the Republican Convention and the Trump candidacy in this age of neoliberalism turn neofascism. AREAD ON

David Rovics

David Rovics – A Voice of Resistance

avid Rovics is a gifted, anti-empire singer-songwriter, whose voice needs to be heard by China Rising Radio Sinoland fans. Today’s interview with him is penetrating, very enlightening and at times funny.

fear - run for your life

Neoliberalism injects violence into our lives, and fear into our politics.

Politics of Fear =By= Chuck Mertz interviews Henry A. Giroux ultural critic Henry Giroux examines the ways in which conflict has entered the fabric of American life – from the ways social and economic problems are met with state violence,READ ON

Crimea recovering after decades in Ukraine’s oblivion – Polish official

Interview =By= Dmitry Babich interviews Janusz Korwin-Mikke “Mr. Korwin, what was your main impression about your trip to Crimea?” “Crimea is a great place, but it is visibly underinvested. It is visible, that the place has not been getting sufficientREAD ON

A Conversation with Paul Craig Roberts:  Transitions; Morals; Alliances and Dissolutions

Wherein the redoubtable critic of an establishment he was once a prominent member of declares his doubts about the ability of humanity to fix the messes it has created, and refuses to admit that the bourgeoisie can act as aREAD ON

The Man Who Knows Too Much

Newsmakers, GQ Our gratitude to the editors of GQ and the author of this piece for an example of brave journalism at a time when a profound national and world crisis demand that the public hear the truth. He works atREAD ON

An Interview With Muqtada al-Sadr

“The Near Future of Iraq is Dark” by PATRICK COCKBURN, Counterpunch The future of Iraq as a united and independent country is endangered by sectarian Shia-Sunni hostility says Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia religious leader whose Mehdi Army militia fought theREAD ON

Sweden Member Of NATO In All But Name

By John Robles Global Research, February 06, 2013 Voice of Russia and Stop NATO Region: Europe Theme: US NATO War Agenda A scandal has erupted in Sweden after the Swedish Armed Forces chief, Sverker Göranson, said that his country wouldn’tREAD ON