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Leaked email: CIA wants to end Russophobia campaign in favor of Iran war (<<== Fake news!)

However, I can confirm that US Secretary of State John Kerry did accidentally admit in Paris that he was trying to “implode Iran”.  He says it right here in my 2013 Press TV report at the 0:58 mark. What is amazingREAD ON

The future of postwar Syria: Victory looks a lot like Iranian Islamic Socialism

Certainly, the utter lack of morality in the pro-capitalist Western governments is apparent to all, non-Muslims included. Aping Western democracy in 2017 is a recipe for a legal spy state which works to protect its bankers and shareholders.

Israel’s Fire Support For Its Al-Qaeda Mercenaries Started Three Years Ago

On 23 June [2014], Israel targeted nine Syrian army positions with tank fire and air strikes after mortar fire from the Syrian side the previous day killed an Israeli civilian. Israel’s assessment is that most of these incidents are dueREAD ON

Iran’s response to ISIL attack: Haha, that was nothing

What happens in the United States? Well, let’s remember the Boston Marathon bombing:  They went into total lockdown. The entire city transportation system was shut down. 19,000 National Guard troops occupied the city.  “Armored vehicles motored up and down neighborhoods.READ ON

Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale) — Part One

This is without doubt one of the darkest, most shameful days in U.S. military history, with the subsequent cover-up of one of the most treasonous executive actions ever taken by a U.S. president that took place in its aftermath compoundingREAD ON

Democracy comes to Mosul, in the form of torture and white phosphorus

The “brutal” Russians created humanitarian corridors around Aleppo.  They also negotiated a withdrawal of Daesh forces (with the help of Turkey).  And, as soon as the Daesh crazies left, the poured immense amounts of aid, food, meds, etc. along withREAD ON