Iran protests: Reply to the WSWS response to my critique

RAMIN MAZAHERI—But supporting the democratic will when it takes a nationalist turn – i.e. Iran looking out for Iran – is not Trotskyism. This is one reason why I am not an apologist for Trotskyism. Nor will I apologise for openly defending the Iranian Islamic Revolution and trying to explain it to non-Iranians in my journalism: Iran has real, not theoretical, work to be done, and I hope my small contributions push that work forward a bit.


Tikrit and Najaf: Agony and Ecstasy in Iraq

PEPE ESCOBAR—Najaf welcomed refugees of the fight against Daesh by the tens of thousands; Sunnis from Anbar province, Christians, Shi’ite Turkmen from Tal Afar; “Now many are back to their communities”. The PMUs are incredibly popular – their white flags fluttering everywhere alongside black Imam