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Syria a Major Flashpoint Risking Greater War

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Washington is forming a Syrian Democratic Forces offshoot called the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC), AMN explained – saying it’s a joint CIA/State Department operation, separate from the Pentagon.

Last December, Russia’s General Staff accused the Pentagon of training terrorists at its illegally established At Tanf area base in southern Syria – calling the area a staging ground for US armed struggle against the Syrian government, using ISIS and other terrorists.


Russia In the Crosshairs

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS—Why? It appears to be the case that the Russian government is so anxious for Western approval that it ends its successful military campaigns before the job is finished. It was Putin himself who declared “victory” in Syria and withdrew some of the Russian military before clearing all of Syria of foreign and jihadist occupation, thus leaving in place US beachheads for renewing the conflict.

Palstinian politics

Examining ‘Ten Myths about Israel’, by Ilan Pappe

ALLAN C BROWNFELD—A just solution to the dilemma of Palestine will, Pappe concludes, only be achieved if we stop treating the mythologies he sets forth as truths: “Palestine was not empty and the Jewish people had homelands; Palestine was colonized, not ‘redeemed’; and its people were dispossessed in 1948, rather than leaving voluntarily. Colonized people, even under the U.N. Charter, have the right to struggle for their liberation…and the successful ending to such a struggle lies in the creation of a democratic state that includes all of its inhabitants.”


Mondoweiss points it out: NYT fails to report that Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him

JAMES NORTH—the Times report leaves the false impression that the fighting started only yesterday, when an unmanned Iranian drone allegedly crossed from Syria into Israeli airspace, prompting Israel to ‘defend itself’ by striking back at an Iranian base in Syria. The outstanding Israeli online publication, +972, exposes this distortion in a persuasive article by Haggai Matar that points out that “Israel has been bombing inside Syria for months.”