Remembering the Liberty

Originally posted on Your Daily Shakespeare Source: Your Daily Shakespeare. In the meantime, Israel claimed that the Liberty, when spotted, appeared to escape at high speed toward Egypt, flew no flag and looked like an Egyptian cargo ship, the “El Queseir”, which was actually halfREAD ON

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance

On the Sauds’ side of this Israel-Saud control of the U.S. government, that control is practiced almost entirely behind-the-scenes. But it’s just as real. Their attacks against the United States included the ones on 9/11, which however relied heavily upon inside participation by George W.READ ON

Shlomo Sand: Forthrightly Anti-Zionist

Shlomo Sand is not “Jewish” any more Anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism. Claiming otherwise is a long ago discredited canard. Zionism is tyranny by another name. It’s extremist, racist, undemocratic and hateful, a monster threatening anyone and anything it opposes. Years earlier, Israeli Emeritus Professor of History Shlomo SandREAD ON