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A Most Hopeful Korean Summit With Little Chance Of Final Success

MOON OF ALABAMA—North Korea has a new leader who has proven that he can and will deliver what he promises. Under him North Korea’s nuclear program reached its desired stage and brought the U.S. to the negotiating table. But Kim Jong-un keeps his options open. The inner Korean summit today was not broadcast on North Korean TV making it easier for Kim to later disavow it. South Korea has a leader who is far from being a lame duck like his predecessors were at the time of their meetings with North Korean leaders. The conservatives and the U.S. aligned deep state in South Korea have been defeated in the million strong demonstrations in 2016. The current president Moon Jae-in is only at the beginning of his term and has a 75% approval rate in South Korea. His party has a strong lead over the opposition.



SOUTHFRONT—While Germany also joined in the stampede by expelling four Russian diplomats, its actions fall into a category all of its own. It is not as interested in the Brexit travails nearly as much as France or Ireland, its interest in the outcome of the Syria war is also lower than in the US or France. What Germany does care about is the fate of North Stream-2, which has long been the target of the United States and its European satellites (UK and the limited-sovereignty states of Eastern Europe) because it stands in the way of transforming the EU into a protectorate subordinate, politically, militarily, and economically, to the United States.


Trump’s Hollow Outreach to North Korea

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Trump’s unacceptable terms include Pyongyang rendering itself defenseless by abandoning its nuclear and ballistic missile deterrent against feared US aggression. Any bilateral rapprochement would require the DPRK to unconditionally surrender its sovereignty to US control. Conditions Washington demands are unacceptable, wanting control over planet earth, its nations, resources and populations.