The Real Aim of Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia

And you can see why America’s disgraceful President, a man who truly falls into the regional pantheon of raving loonies – goes along with this. The fact that Isis – Trump’s mortal enemy and the strategic adversary of his defence chiefs – is a creature of the same Salafist cult as Saudi Arabia, is neither here nor there. The SunniContinue reading

The Fog of Cold War

By John V. Walsh Of course it is not clear who was using whom here.  But we can think of a latter day equivalent in Bush 2 time when neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz dominated the Pentagon.  As they ginned up the War on Iraq, it was all too clear that their loyalty to Israel came into play.  For while theContinue reading

Judeo-Centrism: Myths and Mania

JAMES PETRAS MAIN COVER IMAGE: Triumphant Israelis celebrate victory in the 1973 “6-day war”. The victory, with the active support of Western powers, especially the Anglo-americans, contributed to a sense of superiority and hardened Zionist intransigence.   Appendix Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense. DISCLAIMER What will it take to bring America to live accordingContinue reading

The Emergence of the Just Jew

by YOAV LITVIN The Ghetto Jew he history of discrimination against- and trauma perpetuated upon Jewish people (aka anti-Semitism) is historically documented and unquestionable among serious academics. As members of a second-class minority community, Jews served as scapegoats for centuries and were abused by people of different religions, ethnicities and nationalities. History is riddled with examples of Jewish persecution, which oftenContinue reading


Dispatches from Deena Stryker Thirty years later, two concepts could, I believe, break the deadlock between Israel and the people it displaced. The first is based on process dynamics. For any given act, unforeseen consequences far out-number those that were anticipated. Interactions between processes create yet more unforeseen consequences, which interact ad infinitum, as awareness of having ever-diminishing control overContinue reading