Iran – Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests; US prepares a new phase

MOON OF ALABAMA—For the Iranian politicians and police the issue is tricky. Economic protests are clearly justified with even Khameni voicing support for the issue. But rioting in the streets must be suppressed before it further escalates and becomes uncontrollable. Weapons on the protesters site firing in all directions may soon become a problem. The Mossad and the MEK are not shy of killing random people.


What is Israël’s project in Argentina? (¿Qué está haciendo Israel en Argentina?)

THIERRY MEYSSAN—At the end of [the Falklands War] war, which cost more than a thousand lives (official British figures are largely understated), London imposed a particularly severe Peace Treaty on Buenos Aires – Argentinian armed forces are limited to their most simple expression. Above all, the control of their Southern and Antarctic air space is confiscated for the profit of the Royal Air Force, and they are obliged to inform the United Kingdom about all their operations. 


Operation Jerusalem Capital: Second Balfour Declaration or Arab-Israeli NATO?

LUCIANA BOHNE—Because international law and human rights declarations are all on the side of the Palestinians in their right to resist occupation and fight for independence, “neutrality” is hardly an issue. However, in the fifty years since 1967, the United States’ has assumed the mantle of “honest broker” in the neutrality charade called “the peace process,” inviting the whole “international community” and the Palestinians themselves to support a two-state solution, while doing nothing to stop Israel’s illegal construction of colonies in the Occupied Territories