North Korea Can Never Trust the U.S.A.

DAVID W. PEAR—”Human rights in North Korea is a red-herring, which the US propaganda mills keep grinding out.  North Korean defectors are paid a reward up to $860,000 depending on their intelligence and propaganda value.  Tales of North Korean human rights abuses are not based on facts, but are rumors based on rumors and propaganda.  The US does not care about human rights.  The only thing the US foreign policy cares about is its empire and taking care of US corporate interests around the world…”


North Korea Issue is Not De-nuclearization But De-Colonization

AJAMU BARAKA—The historic record is replete with the United States sabotaging negotiated settlements with the North, but then pointing to North Korean responses to those efforts as evidence of North Korean duplicity. In addition to the material interests and hegemonic geopolitical objectives, the social-psychological phenomenon of inculcated white supremacy is also a factor and has buttressed imperial policies toward that nation for years.


Negotiations? 3rd World Nations Be Aware! Americans Napalmed & Bombed Out All 38 N.Korean Cities!

JAY JANSON—While some of the victims were left leaning or sympathetic to North Korea, the majority consisted of innocent civilians. The U.S. and South Korean authorities suppressed this incident, arguing that disclosure of information would threaten the ROK’s constitutional order and national security. As a result, it remains unknown even to many who lived through the war. Considering the severity and number of massacres, these incidents may be called “the other war.” In order to prevent similar tragedies from reoccurring in the future and ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula, the truth must be investigated and publicized.