Media Complicity is Key to Blacklisting Websites

ABOVE: Rachel Maddow: Behind her impeccable PC image and progressive views lies one more disinformer for a rotten system, a Democratic party shill, and, as the Fake News story indicates, not averse to pushing for the return of McCarthyism and the elimination of Free Speech. Maddow, despite her smarts, thinks Free Speech is alright only when she and her fellow liberalsContinue reading

War and Elections (and Propaganda)

“In the most deceitful manner, corporate news media fully adopt not only the official lies, but the role of “complicit enabler”, as a former White House press secretary under Bush would call the press, by promoting the whole narrative of “humanitarian invasions”, “responsibility to protect”, “terrorist links” and any other concoction designed to sell wars of aggression…” Of course, theContinue reading

Stop using millenary religions as a scapegoat for the crimes of Modern Imperialism

  BY KIM PETERSEN   espected writer William Blum understands US hegemony and imperialism on a global scale. In his important book Rogue State, he provided a comprehensive account of US imperialism around the world. Recently, Blum wrote a trenchant article that compellingly ridiculed the nonsense that Donald Trump is a greater evil than Barack Obama. Blum tore the veneer off the DemocraticContinue reading

Reahlly…dahling! Who lives in Downton Abbey, anyway?!

  Noblesse n’oblige— Julian Fellowes’ dubious tears for a morally suspect social order Downton Abbey is a hidebound reactionary’s wet dream concretized on television, albeit with a peeling high-brow patina…   By GUI ROCHAT & PATRICE GREANVILLE he British are especially apt to deplore what is irretrievably lost, namely their power over 1/5th of the globe. Instead of which they are very cleverlyContinue reading

Jews Against Zionism

By Stephen Lendman hey’re numerous, outspoken, and range from secular to orthodox to one group calling itself “True Torah Jews Against Zionism.”  They believe that “traditional” Jews don’t support Zionism, an ideology they call “contrary to Jewish law and beliefs and the teachings of the Holy Torah.” They say Zionism: advocates “a political and military end to the Jewish exile;”Continue reading