Liberalism’s Crisis, Socialism’s Promise [annotated]

by Joseph M. Schwartz Jacobin / Support Jacobin Magazine OpEds Socialism isn’t the negation of liberalism. It’s the realization of liberal values made impossible by capitalism. ew York magazine contributor Jonathan Chait recently published a series of articles attacking the new generation of “Marxists” — as epitomized by Jacobin — for absolving “Lenin, Stalin and Mao” of their crimes. Chait seems to assume thatContinue reading

The Joke’s on You

[box] Jon Stewart is retiring! The long announced departure is hitting some preternaturally shallow types as if Krakatoa had just blown up again, this time taking a big chunk of Asia…or even something close to a personal tragedy. Starbucks may have to hang crepe for a day or so longer to suitably honor the massive mourning. Forgive us for notContinue reading

John Oliver’s interview with Edward Snowden: Pseudo-satire in defense of NSA surveillance

OpEds | Thomas Gaist, WSWS ANNOTATED VERSION Editor’s Note: We are happy to see the WSWS.ORG site weigh in with their take on the recent Oliver/Snowden program. This is certainly a show that deserves scrutiny and further reflection. While we agree with much of the author’s class analysis, we are not so sure about his complete dismissal of Oliver as aContinue reading

Wolff in the Henhouse

The Not-So-Small Voice of American Socialism by JASON HIRTHLER, Counterpunch  [I]t’s instructive listening to a born-again Socialist like Dr. Richard Wolff, Marxian economist and author of Capitalism Hits the Fan, which more or less tells you what he thinks of our present economic system. He had been delivering monthly “updates” at the Brecht Forum in New York, but now thatContinue reading