Does the Washington Post Distribute Fake News?

Eric Zuesse, simulposted at     Regarding Amnesty International’s report, which was issued on 7 February 2017, the invariably cogent “Moon of Alabama blogger headlined and documented appropriately about it the same day, “Hearsay Extrapolated ” Amnesty Claims MassREAD ON

Media War Toolkit — The Seven Deadliest Weapons Against Establishment Propaganda

I want to make this as clear as I possibly can: the Bana Alabed psy-op is the single clearest example ever of the mass media collaborating with the oligarchy against the interests of the American people. I don’t think evenREAD ON

NPR Attempts To Undermine WikiLeaks’ Credibility With Deliberate, Brazen Lie

These deep state propaganda networks have got to go. America’s entire oppressive system is held together by mass media psy-ops and establishment propaganda narratives; if we can sufficiently disrupt public trust in these heinous institutions there may yet be theREAD ON

ABC’s Designated Survivor: The US government in crisis, onscreen and off

As it is, “ordinary people” rarely make an appearance on Designated Survivor. The series almost never leaves the insular world of official DC politics. Masses of people are seen or referred to only in passing, as panicked crowds, poll numbersREAD ON

Whatever Happened to Bill O’Reilly’s Loofah?

by ALEXANDER COCKBURN, COUNTERPUNCH BY ALEXANDER COCKBURN hanksgiving brought us the one-month anniversary of Bill O’Reilly’s disclosure on his show that “to protect my family” he had settled with Ms Andrea Mackris and her lawyer Benedict Morelli, thus cutting off whatREAD ON

Lavrov Diplomatically Blasts Tillerson

. “Moreover, these statements have been issued alongside some alarming actions, notably the illegal attack against Syria. Mr Tillerson, we discussed this in a telephone conversation. President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders have expressed their principled position on this issue.READ ON

Thousands protest throughout Russia

By Vladimir Volkov,  29 March 2017 Main image above: Alexei Navalny—Telegenic good looks, unlimited ambition, coached by the CIA/Soros web of underhanded political manipulators, at Yale, no less, typical of Ivy League  collaboration with the Deep State, and impeccablyREAD ON