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Reality Check: The Guardian Restarts Push for Regime Change in Russia

KIT—Our response? Our defense of our “values”? Use the armies of online propagandists our governments employ – their existence was reported in the Guardian – in order to undermine, or undo the democratic will of the Russian people. Rice-Oxley is positing this with a straight face. Russia is such a destabilising threat to “our democratic values”, such a moral vacuum, that we must use subterfuge to undermine their elections and remove their popular head of state.


What Happens When A Russiagate Skeptic Debates A Professional Russiagater

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—The reason Russiagaters speak so often in broad, sweeping terms — saying there are too many suspicious things happening for there not to be a there there, that there’s too much smoke for there not to be fire — is because when you zoom in and focus on any individual part of their conspiracy theory, it falls apart under the slightest amount of critical thinking (or as Harding calls it, “collusion rejectionism”).