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From an 8% Jewish Guy

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—The question we all need to ask is how did this kind of lack of presidential, political and media leadership play in influencing (indirectly of course) the twisted minds of the two aforementioned authentic domestic terrorists? When you have weak minded individuals filled with misguided ideals, and they notice that so called leaders give ‘license by omission of outrage’, you can have horrific blowback. One of the two suspects cherished Trump and his platform; the other guy had only disdain for him and it. Yet, both men could see that what was done in Charlottesville went by with no sense of outrage to the obvious… Shit happens! Sadly.


The New York Times promotes the Democratic Socialists of America

GENEVIEVE LEIGH—The DSA is being promoted by the Democratic Party-affiliated media even as the Democrats use the anti-Russia campaign to censor the internet, the main target being genuinely left-wing and socialist publications, particularly the World Socialist Web Site. The New York Times promotes the DSA because, far from posing a threat to the capitalist system, the DSA is a principal political instrument for the Democratic Party to block and divert a leftward movement of workers and young people.


The Mass Media’s Outrage at Trump: Why the Surprise?

HOWARD LISNOFF—This is a society that seethes with an unacceptable high level of unhappiness and emptiness, so why be surprised by Trump? He fills that space. The lure of the shopping mall and mass consumption on the Internet will only fill the void just so far and for just so long. Again: The mass media treated Trump as an unelectable buffoon and tolerated attacks against counterprotesters and journalists at his campaign rallies. So, why the outrage now as Trump began lashing out in Tweets at media outlets like the Boston Globe?