A Lover Of Death Gets His Wish :  Neocon Charles Krauthammer Dead At 68

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—The American supremacist vision of unipolarity Krauthammer based his worldview upon has led to entire nations being collapsed under the false pretenses of spreading freedom and democracy, when in reality they were first and foremost geared at preserving that very unipolarity as a goal in and of itself. US-led wars of aggression are about power and dominance; believing that the most powerful empire in the history of civilization isn’t driven primarily by a hunger for power is like believing that Jeff Bezos is uninterested in money or Kim Kardashian is uninterested in fame. This insatiable power hunger is what Krauthammer dedicated his life’s work to feeding, no matter how many lives it cost.


Norway: Just Withdraw From NATO

GARY LEUPP—The Nordic countries had a reputation for charitableness and disproportionate donations to aid organizations. They had an independent often joint foreign policy; for example, all Nordic countries including Norway recognized the DPRK in 1974 and established embassies in Pyongyang. Norway has played a role in negotiations between the DPRK and Washington. And between Israel and its backers and the Palestinians; remember the Oslo Accords of 1993 and 1995?


The G7 summit collapses

ALEX LANTIER—What is unfolding is a historic collapse of diplomatic and economic relations between the major imperialist powers. For the three quarters of a century since World War II, a broad consensus existed internationally in the ruling class that the trade wars of the 1930s Great Depression played a major role in triggering that war, and that trade wars should be avoided at all costs. This consensus has now broken down.