On a recent day, the main street of Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi was awash with American flags. Like neighboring Azerbaijan, Georgia is another strategically positioned former Soviet republic in the Caucasus. The occasion for the flag display was the visitREAD ON

Beyond Liberal Pieties: the Radical Challenge for Journalism

Main cover image:  What working journalists typically fail to see is that they rarely challenge the dominant culture’s ideological assumptions—that capitalism is a fair and just system, U.S. domination of the world promotes peace and freedom, and U.S. society movesREAD ON

Why Civil Resistance Works and Why the Billionaire-Class Cares

by MICHAEL BARKER   Appendix Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense. DISCLAIMER What will it take to bring America to live according to its own self image?

Trump under pressure? Europeans back Russian calls for investigation of alleged chemical attack

 ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, FOUNDING EDITOR, THE DURAN G7 seems to be momentarily siding with Russia.  If genuine, that is to be celebrated. But the move may also be calculated to appease their home publics or set up a trap for Russia toREAD ON

The anti-Flynn ‘deep state’ coup – spelling it out in the clearest way possible

THE SAKER CHRONICLES Deciphering the syntax of disinformation, manufactured wars, and russophobia  THIS IS NOT ABOUT FLYNN.  Let me repeat that once more.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT FLYNN!!!  Please don’t come and tell me that Flynn was wrong on Iran,READ ON