For the Earth’s Sake, Drop “Russiagate” Now

 Kollibri terre Sonnenblume is a writer living on the West Coast of the U.S.A. More of Kollibri’s writing and photos can be found at Macska Moksha Press. [/su_box] Soon enough I was also angered as Democratic partisans fell into lineREAD ON

Beyond Liberal Pieties: the Radical Challenge for Journalism

Main cover image:  What working journalists typically fail to see is that they rarely challenge the dominant culture’s ideological assumptions—that capitalism is a fair and just system, U.S. domination of the world promotes peace and freedom, and U.S. society movesREAD ON

Gaither Stewart: “We need brave young people to carry the message of real change to the heartland”

Tactics & Strategies Regarding the path to follow during the current crisis OpEds Dear Comrades, I followed your important discussion on possible courses of action during the current crisis precipitated by the election of Trump, his erratic, unprincipled behaviour, andREAD ON

Bernie Sanders, the Company Man

Photo by AFGE | CC BY 2.0 s I pointed out back in July of 2015, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (“I”-VT)  is not the independent left politician many progressives claim he is.  He’s a Democratic Party company man. That hasREAD ON

The Ukrainian Famine: Only Evidence Can Disclose the Truth

by GROVER FURR o detective can solve a crime without carefully and objectively studying the evidence. Likewise, no one can know what actually occurred in history without studying, in an objective manner, the relevant primary sources – the evidence. IREAD ON

Lost 60 Minutes interview that George Soros desperately tried to bury [Video]

ALEX CHRISTOFOROU, THE DURAN The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros tried to bury. Posted on YouTube by The Truth Division George Soros tried to bury this video…and for good reason.   In the interview Soros exclaims… “I am basically there toREAD ON