Ajamu Baraka on Leftists That Collaborate with Empire

AJAMU BARAKA—“We have not made a revolution in the U.S., but we have all these ‘revolutionary theorists’ that know exactly how to do that,” said Black Alliance for Peace national organizer Ajamu Baraka, sarcastically. He recently returned from a conference in Caracas in solidarity with Venezuela. Baraka called “collaboration” with U.S. aggressions against Venezuela and Syria “really shameful on the part of people who call themselves leftists or radicals or whatever.” Any genuine left must oppose imperialism. “Our position, as citizens of empire, is to put a brake on empire.”


The media and the Mueller indictment: A conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories

PATRICK MARTIN—Given that the US government has just issued a series of strategy documents that, among other conclusions, suggest that a significant cyberattack on the United States could justify retaliation with nuclear weapons, the implications of the argument put forward on the front page of the Times are chilling: What cyberattack could be more significant than an effort to hijack the US presidential election?


In Defense of Caitlin Johnstone

As Naomi Klein has convincingly argued, the political left—the biggest advocate of deliberative democracy—is marginalized at a time when humanity needs our voices most. The worst of CP is everything that contributes to the marginalization.