Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy

RAMZY BAROUD—Even before March 30, when scores of Palestinians in Gaza were killed and thousands wounded, the US and British media, for example, should have, at least, questioned why hundreds of Israeli snipers and army tanks were ordered to deploy at the Gaza border to face-off Palestinian protesters. Instead, they referred to ‘clashes’ between Gaza youth and the snipers, as if they are equal forces in an equivalent battle.


If This Happened in Alabama There Would Be Uproar: In Israel, it’s the Norm

JONATHON COOK—The front line of this battle for housing rights is the Galilee, where Palestinian citizens comprise half the population. For this reason, in the state’s early years Ben Gurion prioritized an official campaign to “Judaise the Galilee,” building Jewish communities on lands confiscated from Palestinians to contain them and deprive them of room for future expansion.


Lendman on Jerusalem, Trump’s ridiculous declaration and the United Nations

STEPHEN LENDMAN—Resolution 273 gave Israel UN membership conditional on it accepting Resolutions 181 and 194, as well as “unreservedly (agreeing to honor) the obligations of the United Nations Charter.” From inception to now, Israel defied international laws at its discretion, showing contempt for the rule of law, brutalizing Palestinians throughout its existence.