Pilger: Why Palestine Is Still the Issue

  Not a single book survived with all its pages; not a single master tape from one of the best collections of Palestinian cinema. The soldiers had urinated and defecated on the floors, on desks, on embroideries and works of art.READ ON

Freedom and Dignity

For anyone that says the Palestinian Prisoner hunger strike was not a complete success, they should try not eating for 40 days and 40 nights.  After 20 days the fat is gone.  After 30 days the body is surviving onREAD ON

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The Native American, the Palestinian: A Spirited Fight for Justice

Ramzy Baroud, PhD Politics for the People housands of Native Americans resurrected the fighting spirit of their forefathers as they stood in unprecedented unity to contest an oil company’s desecration of their sacred land in North Dakota. Considering its burdenedREAD ON

Avigdor Lieberman

Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?

Ramzy Baroud, PhD Politics for the People ivision within Palestinian society has reached unprecedented levels, becoming a major hurdle on the path of any unified strategy to end Israel’s violent occupation or to rally Palestinians behind a single objective. Newly-appointedREAD ON

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Through a Glass Darkly: A Poetry Review – I Remember My Name

Review by Hatim Kanaaneh (I Remember My Name – Poetry by Samah Sabawi, Ramzy Baroud and Jehan Bseiso. Vacy Vlazna, ed., 2016, Novum Publishing. Kindle Edition.) In penning this review, the primacy of Israel in North America’s hegemonic cultural circlesREAD ON

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Divide and Rule: How Factionalism in Palestine Is Killing Prospect for Freedom

Ramzy Baroud, PhD Politics for the People As Palestinians in the Occupied Territories begin preparations for local elections which are scheduled for next October, division and factionalism are rearing their ugly head.   Palestinian political platforms and social mediaREAD ON


Palestine – Hymn or Dirge?

Dispatches from G a i t h e r Stewart European Correspondent • Rome A response to Gate of the Sun by Elias Khoury. n this hot Italian late afternoon, after over a week inside the literary work entitled GateREAD ON