After the Khashoggi Murder, It is Up To Israel to Repair the Crack in the Axis of Evil

ANDREW LEVINE—So far, the country has gotten through nearly two years of Trump and is still, for the most part, not too seriously damaged. But there are at least two more years to go, and even if fortune smiles upon us and that longed for “blue wave” materializes, it won’t help much.

If our luck nevertheless holds, future historians will wonder why the Khashoggi murder, but not, say, the more outrageous and far more lethal war that the Saudis are waging, with American help, in Yemen, or the many other greater and lesser assaults on international law and basic human morality that have always been the stock and trade of the Saudi royal family, get a pass.


The Elephant ( and Jackass ) in the Room

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—We never belonged in Southeast Asia in the 50s and 60s. We never belonged in the Middle East in the 90s or 2000s… period! When the day comes that many of our friends and neighbors stop drinking the Kool- Aid of this ‘ War on Terror ‘ and realize that they have been bamboozled for generations… we can maintain our strength as a nation by keeping the hell out of what George Washington warned : ‘ Foreign entanglements’. The America that many of us love has never been the ‘ Policeman of the world’ ; rather it has been the ‘ Goon squad ‘ for its corporate masters. Google Major General Smedley Butler’s 1935 essay ‘ War is a Racket ‘ and wake up!


For Popular Sovereignty, Beyond Absurdity

PAUL STREET—The openly plutocratic and even now oligarchic domination of U.S. politics by the upper class (explicitly validated in the Supreme Court’s 1976 Buckley v. Valeoand 2010 Citizens United decisions) is no small part of why the Democrats function as a dismal, dollar-drenched corporate-centrist Inauthentic Opposition in the face of the Republicans’ horrifying drift down the white-nationalist road to a chilling Amerikaner fascism. Meanwhile, the Republican Party’s control of all three branches of the federal government (related to their domination of state governments) makes an abject mockery of the Founders’ claim to have pre-empted tyrannical government with a system of institutional “checks and balances.”



ABDRE VLTCHEK—I am writing this essay in the city of Puebla, in Mexico. You know, the people of Mexico just recently voted, and overwhelmingly, they elected the left-wing Presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. For three weeks I travelled all around the country. I spoke to hundreds of people. Most of them were hopeful; most of them were instinctively longing for socialism. Usually, they do not call it ‘socialism’, because for decades they were told not to use this word in any positive context, but what they describe when they dream, is clearly a form of socialism, nevertheless. But how can they define the position of their country in the world, or even their own position inside their country? You turn on the television set, and all you see is CNN in Spanish (‘Mexican edition’), or the extreme right-wing FOX, or some corporate-owned local TV station. Almost all international news in Mexican newspapers is taken from the Western press agencies. Can socialism be built like this, based on the Western indoctrination, disinformation system?