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“Over There”

 When the massacres came, we wondered….   We thought we were the “Over There” people. George M. Cohan sang us the way home: “We won’t come back till it’s over over there.”   We said we had to fight them “over there” so we wouldn’tREAD ON

Gaza: Resistance Through Poetry

Ramzy Baroud, PhD Politics for the People “(At dawn) … I will resist … (Since) upon the wall there is still a white sheet … And my fingers are yet to (completely) dissolve.”  his is a translated verse from Mu’in Bseiso’ “Three Walls of the Torture Chamber”.READ ON

Nevada Test Site radioactive waste

We Walk On Fire

  TRIBUTE =By= José M. Tirado Dept of Energy   WE WALK ON FIRE (In memory of John Trudell, Feb. 15, 1946 – Dec. 8, 2015) here is fire beneath our feet, it doesn´t warm, it burns- we plant seeds of red fire and walkREAD ON

A case of justifiable nepotism :)

“Journalists” in the mainstream media indulge in this all the time, talking incessantly about themselves.  Their family achievements and milestones—paltry or nonexistent—are duly noted, from weddings to departures to the great beyond.  Well, it’s a minor peccadillo compared to the 24/7 misinforming they do atREAD ON