Tear down J. Edgar Hoover’s name

RICHARD COHEN—It just so happens that I have taken an unequivocal “it depends” stance on the removal of certain statues or the changing of names. Lee has to go because he is best known for fighting to retain slavery. Wilson was a racist, but that does not overwhelm the achievements of his presidency. As for Hoover, it’s true that he essentially created the FBI and served as director of the bureau (and its predecessor agencies) from 1924 until his death in 1972. That ain’t nothing.


Indictment of Russian nationals used to campaign for censorship and war

ANDRE DAMON—Moreover, when it comes to meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, neither Russia, nor anyone else for that matter, can hold a candle to the United States. During the 1990s, post-Soviet Russia was largely transformed into an American protectorate and an appendage of the CIA and US corporations. The United States buys candidates, creates parties, and sets up NGOs all over the world for the purpose of manipulating elections. And if these are not successful, it resorts to war and regime-change operations.


Why Killer Cops Walk

TODD MORTEN—Police officers as criminal defendants are simply unique. Police officers do not face the same risks by going to trial that other criminal defendants face due to the nature of the system to which they belong because the law is designed to protect them in a way that none of us others is protected. Imagine shooting your neighbor as he’s watering the grass and then later explaining to the jury that the sprayer he was holding looked a lot like a gun.