Why Readers Shouldn’t Trust Staff Reporters (REPOSTED)

ERIC ZUESSE—In order to be a staff journalist, one must adhere to the propaganda-aims of the individual(s) (the employer) who control(s) the given ‘news’ medium. No newsmedia-owner hires ‘reporters’ or editors who report (or allow to be published) facts which contradict that owner’s (or controller’s — because this applies to ‘non-profits’ as well) central viewpoint. The employees are purely megaphones for their boss’s views. That’s what they were hired to be, and that’s what they are if they succeed in their profession and rise up the career-ladder in it.


Why Are Trump’s Troops Training ISIS Terrorists?

ERIC ZUESSE—The aristocracy, in any country, don’t want the public to understand international relations, and why they are doing what they are doing, because, if the public knew, the aristocrats would be in a very dangerous situation. And that’s also a reason why billionaires build and buy all of the major newsmedia, so that the public won’t understand these things. [AND ROUTINELY TURN TRUTH AND REALITY UPSIDE DOWN.]