Lascar Great Wall of China

Why China and the U.S. Are Opposed to Each Other

[Photo: Jorge Lascar’s photo of the Great Wall of China] =By= Vasily Kashin U.S.- Chinese relations are “the most important bilateral relations in the 21st century,” as Chinese politicians and scholars like to emphasize. Gradually, they have become a central, if not the main, narrative in world politics. Various things, ranging from Russia’s foreign policy to the situation in regionsContinue reading

Is Southern Africa About To Be Shaken Up By Hybrid War? (Part II)

=By= Andrew Korybko The Hybrid War In Practice Connecting The Three Pieces: Each of the three forces described above have their own specific uses in the US’ destabilization template against Zimbabwe, but on their own, they’re insufficient to produce the desired result. Therefore, the US has consolidated them together via the Color Revolution coordination mechanism and is indirectly multi-managing theirContinue reading

Puerto Rico wealth extraction

Wealth Extraction, Governmental Servitude, and Social Disintegration in Colonial Puerto Rico

=By= Argeo T. Quiñones-Pérez and Ian J. Seda-Irizarry Like many before it, Puerto Rico has learned that modern capitalist economics is a new form of colonization. The ephemera of shared wealth has turned into wealth extraction – leaving Puerto Rico in a downward spiral of debt, and a government in servitude to the capitalists beyond its borders. -rw fter ten yearsContinue reading

Surreal economics

“The Political Movement that Dared not Speak its Own Name”: Thoughts on Neoliberalism from a Polanyian Perspective

=By= Kari Polanyi Levitt and Mario Seccareccia Laissez faire was planned, explained Karl Polanyi in The Great Transformation: The origins of the market system go back to the intentional project of institutional transformation initiated in England in the 19th century, establishing a free labor market, free trade and the gold standard. Institutions such as the unions, the industrial cartels and theContinue reading