Briefing by the Russian Defence Ministry on newly discovered evidence pertaining to the crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

Editor’s Note: The power of Western mass media disinformation continues to hold world public opinion (at least where it counts, among the brainwashed “Western” publics) in its toxic stranglehold. While the downing of MH17 instantly made the prime time news around the world—all reports also instantly fingering the Ukrainian separatists and Moscow as the sordid malefactors—resulting in a huge and obsessive wave of media frenzy and near-universal condemnation of Russia, now, that the Russians after patiently disposing of a huge number of obstacles and complete lack of cooperation by the West (which essentially hijacked the remains of MH17 and refused to allow Russian or Malaysian experts to the forensic processes, with not a single protest from the “western journalists”), a handful of people seem to know about it. The numbers are telling. Idiocies reach millions on YouTube every day, and same goes for any mass media-launched storyline later reflected on social media. But this story, which has enormous importance for world peace, and can help to dismantle the edifice of lies used by the West to attack Russia and justify its own crimes, goes begging for an audience.


Mainstream Media’s One-Sided Coverage of the Great March of Return: a Case Study

RICHARD HARDIGAN—Hamas’ charter does state that it refuses to accept Israel’s existence. However,scholarNoam Chomsky argues that Hamas long ago renounced this charter, while Hamas does offer de-facto recognition of Israel, since it was willing to enter a unity government with the Palestinian Authority (PA), an action that implies acceptance of all previous PA-Israel agreements. What Zionists often neglect to mention is that it is Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party that refuses to accept the notion of a Palestinian state, not merely by its actions, but in an official platform, which includes the statement: The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian/Arab state west of the Jordan River.


How To Silence RT Forever

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Luckily for the screaming hysterical Big Brother devotees, there is a very easy and 100 percent guaranteed way to get RT removed from western airwaves forever. Are you ready? Here it is: Allow leftist and antiwar perspectives to be voiced on western mainstream media. That’s it. That’s the whole entire recipe for RT’s destruction.