Apr 102014
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By Rick Staggenborg, MD, Soldiers for Peace International

Respect for national sovereignty has been the basis of international law designed to prevent preemptive warfare since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 ended the 30 Years War.  The idea was to prevent wars by agreeing that empires and international alliances would not interfere with the internal affairs of any nation. The idea rejected by later Empire builders, leading to two world wars largely brought on by the British Empire’s machinations. This policy of ignoring international law has been followed by the US ever since and now poses a risk to peace and national sovereignty everywhere. Continue reading »
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Apr 022014
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MegaphoneMouthBy Gary Engler. Republished from Cyrano’s Journal Today.

[Graphic courtesy of Brazen Life.]

There’s nothing worse than ignorant and opinionated.

You know the type: Most mainstream newspapers have at least one; they dominate radio talk shows and certain TV “news” networks.

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Mar 272014
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The TGP Editors Say: The new mayor’s real sin is to have spoken out repeatedly against inequality and the need to tax the superrich.  They won’t have any of it, and now the knives are out…The whining by charter school supporters is only a smokescreen. Families for Excellence in Schools seems to be just one more rightwing front. 

Who Is Behind the Pro-Charter Schools Group Fighting New York City Mayor de Blasio?

Wealthy, powerful people and organizations backing non-profit behind ads and rally

By Robert Lewis : Reporter, WNYC News

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Charter School March
Charter [school] supporters cross the Brooklyn Bridge in October in a march organized by Families for Excellence in Schools.(Yasmeen Khan) Continue reading »
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Mar 182014
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Over 96% of Crimeans Vote to Join Russia – Full U.S. & E.U. Sanctions Delayed

17.Mar.2014 | SCGSCG News
Apparently Congress is on vacation, so the sanctions will have to wait till they get back.

Yesterday Crimea held a referendum to decide whether to join the Russian Federation. 135 international observers from 23 countries monitored voting and found no evidence of fraud or coercion. But of course this means nothing to the U.S. and the E.U. Continue reading »

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Mar 062014
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Kerry calling the kettle black. 

The man has no decency, and the whoremedia no professional pride of any kind left, if they ever did.  But the hypocrisy is not new; it’s been an integral part of the American way of governance, especially in foreign policy, for over a century. Not likely to change until the media stranglehold is broken by citizen journalists. Good of Cenk Uygur to comment without fear.

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