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Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution

“Who would have thought that a religion supposedly stuck in the Middle Ages could be echoing the growing number of contemporaries who are disaffected with Western society?” THIS IS A REPOST A Review, published on Otherjones and Opednews on July 30, 2914 n July 27th, in the midst of the twin crises in Gaza and Ukraine, Representative Mike Rogers onREAD ON

Religion, Inc.

By Gary Brumback Both are places of worship. Both have leaders. Both depend on “Mother” government. Both have never seen a U.S. declared or undeclared war they didn’t start, promote, or defend. Both have brick and mortar pyramids. Both make rules for their members. Both indoctrinate. Both peddle. Places of Worship Both entities are places of worship. Corporations exalt moneyREAD ON

The Epicenter of the Moral Universe is Our Common Humanity, Not Religion

BY REV. WILLIAM ALBERTS But, to everyone’s endangerment, political and faith leaders alike are redefining and thus shrinking the moral universe to accommodate their self-interests. Their selective morality is especially seen in today’s presidential campaign. For many white evangelical Christians, morality takes a back seat to belief. Jesus is recorded as teaching, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (MatthewREAD ON

Murder in the Cathedral: A Study of Power Relations

=By= Gaither Stewart (Rome)   The worldwide influence of the Roman Catholic Church emanates from the Holy See,which is the Church’s central government headed by the Pope and physically located within the territory of the Vatican State inside the city of Rome with a population of 821. The Holy See has diplomatic relations with world nations which maintain two separateREAD ON


By Gaither Stewart (with apologies for my digressions) SECRETIVE MEDIA: IMPARTIALITY AND BIAS REDUX Conservatives may be using the stiletto against a reformist pontiff. Dispatch from Rome 23 October 2015 CLICK ON IMAGES FOR BEST RESOLUTION ast weekend TGP posted here my article, Bias and Objectivity in Journalism, which sparked a number of thought-provoking and wide-ranging comments on various serious subjects,READ ON