Trump and the Christian Fascists

This is an ideology of death. It promises that the secular, humanist society will be physically destroyed. The Ten Commandments will form the basis of our legal system. Creationism or “Intelligent Design ” will be taught in public schools. People who are considered social deviants, including homosexuals, immigrants, secular humanists, feminists, Jews, Muslims, criminals and those dismissed as “nominal Christians”—meaningREAD ON

After Riyadh summit, Sunni unity crumbling

In 2011, the Qataris put their full weight behind “Arab Spring” efforts to overthrow a slew of Arab governments. Most of the Qatari-backed incoming regimes and opposition activists, however, were Islamists, mainly of the MB variety, which is reviled by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution

“Who would have thought that a religion supposedly stuck in the Middle Ages could be echoing the growing number of contemporaries who are disaffected with Western society?” THIS IS A REPOST A Review, published on Otherjones and Opednews on July 30, 2914 n July 27th, in the midst of the twin crises in Gaza and Ukraine, Representative Mike Rogers onREAD ON

Religion, Inc.

By Gary Brumback Both are places of worship. Both have leaders. Both depend on “Mother” government. Both have never seen a U.S. declared or undeclared war they didn’t start, promote, or defend. Both have brick and mortar pyramids. Both make rules for their members. Both indoctrinate. Both peddle. Places of Worship Both entities are places of worship. Corporations exalt moneyREAD ON

Stop using millenary religions as a scapegoat for the crimes of Modern Imperialism

  BY KIM PETERSEN   espected writer William Blum understands US hegemony and imperialism on a global scale. In his important book Rogue State, he provided a comprehensive account of US imperialism around the world. Recently, Blum wrote a trenchant article that compellingly ridiculed the nonsense that Donald Trump is a greater evil than Barack Obama. Blum tore the veneer off the DemocraticREAD ON

Email the Pope concerning bullfighting

PREFATORY NOTE BY THE EDITOR (Featured image credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals) May I appeal to you to join me in urging the Catholic Church to oppose bullfights? This campaign began with requests for tweets and Facebook posts. In continuation I am asking for emails to the Pope at, using the following message (copy and paste) or yourREAD ON