Pepe Escobar – Is North Korea showing the Emperor is naked?

Assuming these secret negotiations bear fruit, the consequences will be nothing short of cataclysmic; “The European and Asian security systems of the United States may be about to collapse due to the turmoil in Washington which is unhinging all of the United States alliances. As Congress undermines Donald Trump, the United States is presently jeopardizing all its major strategic relationships.”

Trump and the Christian Fascists

This is an ideology of death. It promises that the secular, humanist society will be physically destroyed. The Ten Commandments will form the basis of our legal system. Creationism or “Intelligent Design ” will be taught in public schools. People who are considered social deviants, including homosexuals, immigrants, secular humanists, feminists, Jews, Muslims, criminals and those dismissed as “nominal Christians”—meaningREAD ON

Diana Johnstone on the Western Left and Revolution

CLASSICS FROM MONTHLY REVIEW • AN INDEPENDENT SOCIALIST MAGAZINE Volume 69, Issue 03 (July-August 2017) | The Western Left and the Russian Revolution Dear Reader, the publishers of Monthly Review make this and other articles available for free online to serve those unable to afford or access the print edition of Monthly Review. If you read the magazine online and can affordREAD ON

RExxon Tillerson’s Petro-Imperially Perfect Regime Change Threat

Washington is irked by Maduro’s call for a Constituent Assembly to re-draft the Venezuelan constitution.  How ironic.  The ancient and explicitly un- and even anti-democratic U.S. Constitution of how and why the United States itself is a corporate oligarchy.  The United States itself is in dire need of a revolutionary movement that must demand among other things a Constituent AssemblyREAD ON

Malorossiya: Between Virtual Strategy and Political Future – Part 3

Thus, the current Kiev regime is: (1) illegitimate, having arisen as a result of the overthrow of a legitimate government and holding presidential and parliamentary elections only with gross procedural violations; (2) criminal, having committed treason in the form of a coup in collusion with a number of foreign states; and (3) genocidal, pursuing the extermination of the Russian populationREAD ON

Media Misdirection at Heart of Imperial Strategy

It should also convince those that continue to cling to the sinking ideological raft of tepid reforms that dismantling the entire two-party system, and the capitalist system behind it, is the only way to transform this country. A country, by the way, that has nothing to fear from Russia, whose economy is a tenth of the United States’, and whichREAD ON