Book review: Professor Stephen Cohen’s “War with Russia?”

YVONNE LORENZO—I think there is hope as in the fact a bright and capable minority of ordinary people seek out alternative news and information; for I don’t see any such leaders on the horizon. Perhaps as America socially implodes, a “Yellow Vest” revolt against the sociopath ruling class of warmongers might come into being and stop them from their dreams of eternal hegemony and war without consequence. Only Nemesis awaits them; I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


NATO’s Largesse: “Nuclear Sharing”

ANN GARRISON—In November 10, a 5,290-ton Norwegian warship sank into one of the country’s inner fiords after colliding with a 62,557-ton tanker carrying almost 100 million liters of oil. CNNreported, “Now all that remains above the waterline is the frigate’s top, antennas and radar, leading local media to speculate how a ship designed for war failed to avoid a slow-moving, 62,557-ton tanker.”


American Drones ATTACKED Russian Base in Syria—

This video—published on a US, unapologetically imperialist platform owned by Google—has a huge majority of comments supporting the Russian position and castigating the American (ruling class) duplicity and warmongering behaviour. This is healthy to say the least, as the comments incude the opinions of many sincere Americans. Apparently, the criminal lies and excesses of the empire have finally created (along with the Internet) a veritable transnational audience where old-fashioned nationalism no longer holds as it used to. And that is healthy for the human race.